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Our Mission, Pledge & Contact Info

Our Mission is to inform you, your family and friends of the great and unbeatable Quick’N Kleen ™. Our Pledge is to give you THE bio–d, user-friendly, earth-friendly & wonderful green product that smells marvelous! Quick’N Kleen ™ is the BEST CLEANER ON EARTH! It will save you money by eliminating lots of other products.

Try it and you will agree! Guaranteed, of course!

Contact Us

(for any reason, question or just to talk)

Liberty Tech.
P.O. Box 332,
West Branch, MI 48661

Phone: 989-389-1303
(also has an answering machine)

Phone: 800-878-5555
(answering service, message only)

Fax: 989-389-7707