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Quick’N Kleen™ is amazing! Yesterday, I was doing some WOOD STAINING and wearing white shorts. Silly me…what was I thinking wearing white shorts while working with stain? I got some stain on the shorts and forgetting that I had Quick’N Kleen™ in my cabinet, I tried some other products and they did nothing. Then, I got your product and gave it a try. Amazingly, the stain came out and you would never know that the stain was ever there. Thank you! MARGE E. West Branch, Ml

I have used Quick’N Kleen™ for the basic everyday cleaning of walls, countertops, floors, etc. Then, I learned that it is an EXCELLENT BOWLING BALL CLEANER. Being the bowler that I am, I was excited that I could get a good bowling ball cleaner FOR A DECENT PRICE. JACKIE S. Standish, MI

It works real well REMOVING GREASE and EVEN MAGIC MARKER! DON P. Forward Shell

I use Quick’N Kleen™ often to remove DIRT, GREASE and UNWANTED STAINS from just about any surface you can think of. It is very fast acting, a pleasure to use and it also SMELLS GREAT! It's so GREAT…NO SCRUBBING, just SPRAY and WIPE AWAY. What more do you need? KEN H. Roscommon, MI

Quick’N Kleen™ is LIKE NOTHING ELSE I HAVE EVER SEEN! It does what it says it will do. It cleans just about anything, like STICKY STUFF left from STICKERS AND PRICE TAGS. It CUTS THE TIME IT TAKES TO CLEAN BY at least 80%. BARB H. Forward Corp

Quick’N Kleen™ is an excellent all-around cleaner. We are very satisfied with this product. We use it especially for CARPET CARE and the REMOVAL OF STAINS FROM CARPET. It also removes COFFEE STAINS, GREASE and OIL from the school kitchen and is an excellent degreaser. DON P. Custodian, Tawas Public Schools

When we lost track of Quick’N Kleen™ through change of employees and supervisors, people said ANY ORANGE PRODUCT WILL DO, so we bought them and they DIDN'T WORK. Your cleaner doesn't compete with other cleaners out there…IT IS FAR SUPERIOR! We use Quick’N Kleen™ to WASH DECKS, REMOVE MARKERS, GRAFFITI IN BATHROOMS and for the summer cleaning of all the buildings. Spray it on and IT DISOLVES PROBLEM STAINS and you wipe it right off. DEBBIE, Head Custodian, lmlay Community Schools

My husband recently brought home a bottle of your Quick’N Kleen™ . JUST ONE BOTTLE HAS SAVED ME SO MANY PRECIOUS MINUTES! YOUR PRODUCT IS A MOTHER'S DREAM!! And IT WORKS ON STAINS AND DIRT LIKE MAGIC; erasing them from laundry and floors alike. Living with a husband and two boys has often made me feel defenseless and obviously the minority. However, I am NO LONGER POWERLESS to combat those GRASS-STAINED jeans, the bathroom towels with oil and grease on them, the SNEAKER MARKS on my floors, the STAINS ON THE CARPET, the SCUMMY bathroom dirt, the list just goes on and on. You're a miracle worker! Your product delivers just what it promises, and with ease! I've got the start of arthritis in my hands and if I had to scour, scrape and press hard to clean the stovetop, I would be in trouble. But with your product, I just spray and wipe. I LOVE IT AND IT'S SO FAST! WE HAD A FIRE A YEAR AGO AND we tried all kinds of cleaners but THERE WAS NOTHING EXCEPT YOUR PRODUCT WHICH WOULD CLEAN OUR POSESSIONS from the SOOT and SMOKE. It worked and I am so thankful. DEBBIE B. Auburn, MI

I want to write you to share with you HOW SATISFIED WE ARE WITH your Quick’N Kleen™ . After many years of trying to find the BEST DEGREASER for our needs, we feel we have found it in your product. The streets and rubbish division believes this product is FAR SUPERIOR to any we have ever used. Keep up the good work. JIM Lagrow, Streets Foreman, City of Saginaw, Ml

We use the Quick’N Kleen™ for a degreaser in the maintenance department. It is used as a PAINT REMOVER and its overall cleaning abilities are amazing. It has many special "duties". TERRI D. Head Custodian, Mayville Community Schools

Up until yesterday, I had never heard of Quick’N Kleen™ . Today, it is mine, all the time! A fellow employee walked around our bank and showed how well it worked. I am sold! It takes care of everything and anything… even coffee stains in my vehicle. Jill UBCCU

We have thousands of items in our hardware and auto parts store. Quick’N Kleen™ is ONE OF THE TOP FIVE SELLERS. That's impressive because it is an impressive product! BRIAN K. St. Helen ACE HARDWARE/CARQUEST AUTOPARTS

We've been selling Quick’N Kleen™ for years. PEOPLE LOVE IT. BOB M. West Branch NAPA Auto Parts

While working at this convenience store, I have seen Quick’N Kleen™ live up to its slogan. It truly does CLEAN THE IMPOSSIBLE, NASTY, GRUNGY, HORRIBLE AND UNBELIEVABLE GRIME SM. Everyone loves it here plus the customers who buy it and love it. S.F. Unit #49 Forward Shell

I have used this cleaner on everything from clothes to sinks and it has worked wonderful. IT HAS TAKEN STAINS OUT OF CLOTHING NOTHING ELSE WOULD. JAMIE D.Unit #26 Forward Shell

I had GREASE ON THE CARPET OF MY CAR and it took it right out. I SAVED TIME because I didn't have to scrub AND MONEY because I didn't have to get the carpet PROFESSIONALLY CLEANED. Thanks EVA R. Unit #26 Forward Shell

I use Quick’N Kleen™ all the time at work and home. I really feel they should call it Quick 'N Easy, its amazing HOW FAST AND EASY IT CLEANS. Kristina Z. Unit #26 Forward Shell The cleaner WORKS WELL ON NO-WAX FLOORS when diluted with water- LEAVES YOUR HOME SMELLING CITRUS CLEAN. KISHHA S. Unit #39 Forward Shell

Quick’N Kleen™ gets grease off most every surface, we even used it ON OUR GARBAGE CANS outside and it took off the stains and smells. IF YOU GET IT ON YOUR HANDS IT DOESN'T BURN OR STING like other cleaners with harmful chemicals in them. JULIE E. Unit #70 Forward Shell

The cleaner SAVES MONEY BECAUSE IT WORKS BETTER than all other cleaners on the market. The way it works is unbelievable, the cost is cheap; ONLY POCKET CHANGE. DON L. Unit #70 Forward Shell

We have been selling Quick’N Kleen™ for years in our stores. We have had a great response from our customers and we use the product ourselves for all of our cleaning needs. The product sizes are perfect for customer's needs and our own use. Our cashiers, all the way up to the Chairman of the Board love it. Our return on investment is very good! Our vendor is always very prompt, as well as excellent when it comes to service. Now, with the advantage of the Quick’N Kleen™ website, customers can find our stores and we expect to pick up additional business as well as take advantage of the advertising at no cost. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND PLACING THIS UNBELIEVABLE PRODUCT IN YOUR EXISTING LINE. It will produce satisfied customers that will return to purchase this product again and again. LUNDY EDWARDS General Manager Forward Corporation

Quick’N Kleen™ works well on everything, EVEN ON a $125.00 pair of TENNIS SHOES! ANN H. Houston, TX

We have had AMAZING RESULTS using your Quick’N Kleen™ around our house. An INK PEN LEAKED ON THE SEAT in our truck. I sprayed your degreaser on the stain and used a damp paper towel, THE INK STAIN WAS LIFTED OFF THE SEAT ONTO THE PAPER TOWEL. NANCY K. Mt. Morris, Ml

My DEEP FRYER GOT MAJORLY GREASY on the outside. It has always been a big job to clean BUT your Quick’N Kleen™ did a wonderful job cleaning it FAST AND EASY. Fish and Fries for dinner tonight…Thank you, Quick’N Kleen™ . KATHY Z. Bay City, Ml

Quick’N Kleen™ has made me very happy BECAUSE IT SMELLS GREAT and CLEANED BLOOD AND OIL out of the carpet AND NOTHING ELSE I TRIED DID! KAREN L. Bay City,MI

Your product WORKS GREAT on all my AUTOMOTIVE PROBLEMS…white walls, engine degreasing, mats, pet and cigarette odors. AND IT IS SAFE FOR CLEAR COAT EXTERIORSI PATRICK K. Bay City, MI


I love Quick’N Kleen™ Citrus Cleaner, I have to control my usage or it will be gone in a week. I use it for laundry stains, grease; some are gone with just spraying. I use it everywhere in the bathroom, sink, stool, shower, countertops, etc. SUE W. Vassar, MI

I work at Delphi- Saginaw Division, General Motors Corporation and used your product to complete a very dirty and greasy job. I WAS AMAZED at how clean the products were. RUDY S. SR. EssexviIIe, Ml

Note: Delphi which was formerly GM then became Delphi is now NEXTEER Corp. They buy hundreds of bottles per month and Quick’N Kleen™ is on almost every workstation table in the shop. The moral- they are cutting costs all they can, BUT Quick’N Kleen™ SAVES MONEY! So they keep it. A BIG TESTIMONIAL! THANK YOU PEOPLE AT NEXTEER & GM.

I just wanted to let you know HOW FABULOUS YOUR Quick’N Kleen™ IS! We own a company in which we go in and clean re-possessed mobile homes for a major financial company. I have used your product for everything- CLEANING GREASY STOVES, OVENS and ALL OTHER APPLIANCES. It removes CRAYON, MARKERS, STICKERS and TAPE from walls, doors, etc. THANKS FOR THE TREMENDOUS SAVINGS FOR OUR BUSINESS! JULIE P. Pinconning, Ml

This cleaner Is one of the BEST I HAVE EVER USED. Quick’N Kleen™ really impresses me! RICH S. Kawkawlin, Ml

We have found out that Quick’N Kleen™ is THE ONLY PRODUCT that will CLEAN PERMANENT BLACK MARKER off our metal shelving. We have been told that it does an excellent job when diluted to clean CRAYON on walls in children's rooms. EVA, Tompkins ACE Hardware

We have carried the Quick’N Kleen™ for at least ten years. Nothing like it … BAR NONE! RANDY N. Tompkins ACE Hardware

We had spots of TAR ON OUR QUARRY TILE FLOOR. We tried other cleaners with NO LUCK. When we sprayed your product it was so easy, we simply sprayed and wiped. DEBBIE G. DCM CONSTRUCTION, INC.

My daughter of 22 months, decided she would become an artist on my light grey carpet with "washable" markers… yellow and bright pink. After I noticed her creative works my heart sank to my stomach. I had no idea how to get that out of the carpet. It suddenly came to me to try Quick’N Kleen™ . I don't know why- I call it "DIVINE INTERVENTION". I sprayed It on my carpet, let it set three minutes and followed up with soda water- to my amazement the color from the markers disappeared before my eyes. I won't use anything else on my carpet or furniture or laundry. I am completely sold and THANKFUL FOR Quick’N Kleen™ . I have a 3 year old and a 22 month old and they are both "very artistic". All I can say is thanks for this product and don't stop making it …. It's wonderful and it smells great, too! SUSAN N. Grand Blanc, Ml

We've used it to remove OIL OFF A CONCRETE DRIVE with great results. We picked a warm, dry day and poured the product on the stain. We then brushed it and let it sit for a couple minutes. Then, we sprayed it off with a hose, let it dry and the oil stain was gone. We had another one that was really bad. We used the same procedure but when it dried there was a little bit of the stain left. We let it dry and then repeated and it came out. DON O. Saginaw, MI

I use Quick’N Kleen™ to do a quick wash to my pots and pans before putting them in the dishwasher. It is very important to me to use ONLY BIODEGRADEABLE AND EARTH- FRIENDLY PRODUCTS. Last week, I accidentally GOT Quick’N Kleen™ IN MY EYE while cleaning. I immediately FLUSHED MY EYE WITH WATER and HAD NO PAIN of any kind. TINA L. Bay City, MI

Our store RECEIVES MANY COMMENTS ON HOW GREAT your Quick’N Kleen™ is. We have people stop here just to buy it. Also, we've tried it and think it is a wonderful product. GAIL @ PUTZ HARDWARE Bay City, Ml

Excellent product! Removes everything from latex and oil paint spills, even epoxy! Cleans up the worst of floors and is great to prep for any kind of painting people desire. TOM S. Sherwin Williams

Your product WORKS EXCELLENT FOR CLEANING POWDER BUILD-UP ON MUZZLE LOADERS. Inside, Outside and the Flash-Pan. ROGER M. Saginaw, Ml

It is probably THE GREATEST PRODUCT THAT I HAVE EVER USED and my employees think so, also! The use of your product has GONE BEYOND OUR EXPECTATIONSI DENNIS G. General Motors Corp. LAKE ORION ASSEMBLY PLANT

I sprayed Quick’N Kleen™ on some tar and went to get a paper towel to wipe it up. I bent down and took one swipe with the paper towel and the tar was gone. I also used it on my fiberglass shower and WOW! It never looked so good! NANCY P. Bay City, Ml

Thanks for the Quick’N Kleen™ , I sprayed it on an oil-based paint spill in my home and the paint instantly dissolved. We then washed the carpet with a mild soap and water solution and then with a carpet extractor the carpet came totally clean. DON S. Duluth, MN

I used your product Quick’N Kleen™ and I REALLY LOVE IT! I have used almost every cleaning product AND HAVE NEVER FOUND ANYTHING TO COMPARE! LYNDA W. Montrose, CO

The crew of the CHEVRON oil tanker MVHIII really likes the Quick’N Kleen™ Degreaser! Harry Perry HD PERRY & COMPANY Orinda, CA

Due to THE BIODEGRADEABLE NATURE OF Quick’N Kleen™ , it is safe to use as a degreaser on oil and grease found in such places; cleaning galley floors, cooking oil spills, laundry, kitchen sinks and drains, cleaning shower facilities and spot cleaning of accommodation floors and bulk heads. (MORE OR LESS, THE WHOLE SHIP) H. NIELSEN, Marine Safety Engineer, CHEVRON SHIPPING COMPANY

We received and tested Quick’N Kleen™ in various locations and the report is very favorable. In the showers: EXCELLENT FOR REMOVING STAINS BETWEEN THE TILES, In the galley: REMOVED STUBBORN GREASE FROM THE STOVE UPTAKES. In the alleyways: REMOVED ALL OIL AND GREASE STAINS EASILY. In the engine room: REMOVED ALL OIL STAINING. On the decks: Cleaned up the oil much easier than diesel AND worked well in the manifold tray. KENNETH E. Master of the Ship, M. V. HILL, Oil Tanker Vessel, Chevron Oil

I use the Quick’N Kleen™ for my husband's laundry to keep his uniforms looking nice. I think it is wonderful and the whole house SMELLS SO NICE and clean when I wash. THANKS FOR SUCH NICE THINGS! MICHELLE B. Sterling, Ml

Your all-purpose Quick’N Kleen™ CUTS THROUGH THE WORST HOUSEHOLD GRIME and HAS REPLACED A DOZEN PRODUCTS IN OUR CLEANING CLOSET because it cleans almost every surface in every room in the house .This NATURAL CITRUS Cleaner CUTS through soap scum, tar, gum, and gooey residues with ease and leaves kitchen and bath surfaces sparkling! Originally formulated for HEAVY-DUTY, INDUSTRIAL Cleaning, It is SAFER THAN MOST SUPERMARKET CLEANERS Because it contains NO Nasty Ingredients at all.  THE VERMONT COUNTRY STORE Weston, VT

I own two dogs; one of which is a St. Bernard. Quick’N Kleen™ WIPES AWAY EVEN DOG DROOL, (which sounds really gross) but , it's hard to remove sometimes. I have also had GREAT SUCCESS REMOVING RED WINE STAINS from a bright white tablecloth! The stuff is great! GRETCHEN W. Manchester Center, VT

I have two bathrooms in my home, both with ceramic tile floors. We were on the verge of re-tiling and re-grouting them as nothing I tried would remove the ground-in film. After using your Quick’N Kleen™ , MY FLOORS HAVE BEEN RESTORED to their original beauty. They look even better than new and I use your product weekly for maintenance. KATHY G. Wallingford, VT

Your degreaser is the most EFFECTIVE AND SAFE product to remove grease from our light wood KITCHEN CUPBOARDS. I spray it on, wipe it off, then rinse and wipe dry. The last step is applying a lemon oil finish. The cupboards look great and it makes our home SMELL GOOD, too. JUNE L. Saginaw, MI

Quick’N Kleen™ is an excellent cleaner. I use it for many things- SPOTS ON CLOTHES, STRIPPING WAX OFF FLOORS, CLEANING TENNIS SHOES, etc. IT IS THE BEST! JANE S. Kawkawlin, MI

My son GOT GUM ON HIS JEANS. I put Quick’N Kleen™ on it and it came right off when they came out of the washer. Thank you so much for your help. MARILYN D. Bay City, MI

MY 3 year old got SILLY PUTTY stuck to our CARPET, nothing would get it out and it's been there 4 months. I used your degreaser on it and it came right out! Good Stuff! ERIC L. Grand Blanc, MI

The Quick’N Kleen™ has made our clean-up JOBS VERY EASY. Our machinery that had YEARS OF GREASY BUILD-UP on them before painting. It was. SPRAY IT ON WIPE IT OFF. RICH Y. Pinconning Metals, Inc.

This product has REMOVED SOME VERY STUBBORN STAINS in different pieces of clothing. NANCY P. Bay City, MI

JUST SPRAY IT ON and IT WIPES CLEAN and all that is left is that FANTASTIC SMELL. Your whole house smells LIKE ONE BIG ORANGE! Just Great! CHRIS G. Oran, MO

The 44"' ENGINEER COMBAT ASSOCIATION wants to take this opportunity to thank you! CHARLES (Charlie) BESON, Chairman

Quick’N Kleen™ IS A WONDEROUS PRODUCT! We use it to clean all of our paintball markers and equipment. Not only does it keep all of the moving parts well–lubricated, IT REMOVES PAINT from clothing after playing.  SPLAT CENTRAL, Midland, MI

I want to take this opportunity to EXPRESS MY SATISFACTION with Quick’N Kleen™ . I and my fellow workers have discovered its many benefits. I HAVE NEVER USED A CLEANER THAT WORKED ON SO MANY SURFACES OR CLEANED SO MANY STAINS, SOILS AND OTHER NASTYS. It seems there is nothing it will not clean! We have drafting tables with dirt, oil and ground-in lead from our pencils. We tried to clean them with lighter fluid, to no avail. Quick’N Kleen™ removed every mark on the table and made the surface look like new. I have used it to remove PET STAINS and ODOR with ease. We've used it to remove oil off a cement drive and the oil almost seemed to disappear in front of our eyes. I love the fragrance it leaves in my office and I look forward to finding more uses for this remarkable product which I am sure will bring about even more superior results. RICHARD P. Landscape Designer, BLA, MCN Bay Landscaping Essexville, MI

We use this product because it is safe. We also use it on carpet spots, tables, walls and other surfaces where we have hard stains. We also use it to LUBRICATE SQUEAKY CART WHEELS. The smell is also fresh and ALL of the employees like it. LARRY H. Supervisor Owens Community College

We have been into AUTO DETAILING since 1986 and the year 2000 was the first time we tried your Quick’N Kleen™ . We were SO IMPRESSED WITH THE RESULTS. We even heard comments from customers… use that nice smelling orange carpet cleaner. It has removed stains at our home, also. You have a real MIRACLE CLEANER. Thank you from the Thumb Area Folks! GRACEY'S CAR WASH & WAX

I recently bought Quick’N Kleen™ and it works great. I used it on coffee stains that would not come off with any other cleaners I tried. I also used it to clean my door knobs where the oil from fingers builds up. I tell my friends how well it works. ROSEMARY M. Bay City, MI

Our machines get a very heavy grease and coolant build–up on them and Quick’N Kleen™ is the only product that removes it. And a nice scent, too! J. DENNIS Reif Carbide

Quick’N Kleen™ is an overall great product with a great smell. We use it on countertops, walls, sink and tubs. What it says on the label , it DOES DO! For once, a product that does not lie. S. BYRNE, Doctor of Chiropractic Greater Lansing Chiropractic

We spray it on anything it can be sprayed on. It is superb and wonderful. W.T. Head Custodian Carson City Correctional Facility

I LOVE the product and it does all I need it to do! Friends love it, too. Christopher W. Glendive, MT

I had SCUFF MARKS ON MY NEW WHITE CAR from other car doors. I sprayed a small amount of Quick’N Kleen™ on a paper towel and rubbed the marks off instantly without affecting the paint. That was pretty amazing! I LOVE THIS CLEANER! Jan A. Ft Myers, FL

It is a great product! It CLEANS SHOWER SCUM better than anything I have ever tried!Deborah R. Owensboro, KY

I like Quick’N Kleen™. It has worked for me on carpet stains and tar. Melvin M. Bay City, MI

I restore and rebuild vintage OUTBOARD MOTORS. Very often I find old outboard motors that have been sitting in barns and sheds for 40 to 50 years. I have found NO OTHER PRODUCT that can remove years of grease and grime like Quick’N Kleen™ ! Not only does it clean, it does not remove or hurt the original finish of these motors which is VERY important in restoration work. I am glad I found your poduct. Ray P. Bellaire, MI

I LOVE IT!!! Have been using it for a couple years now! Wish you sold it in gallon sizes though! Jamie M. Royal Oak, MI

I am housebound, so have caregivers come. They had a bottle. I cannot stand HARSH SMELLS. Your product is GREAT, very versatile and works well on creaky hinges, also. It is worth price the when you consider FREE SHIPPING. Thank you. It will be a staple. Luella S. Prescott, MI

We love it and need more. This is a great product. Tammy F. Lansing, MI

This Product DOES EXACTLY WHAT IT IS ADVERTISED TO DO. I LOVE IT!!! Has saved me a GREAT DEAL OF MONEY! not having to REPLACE CLOTHING, CARPETS, etc from STAINS that could NOT BE REMOVED WITH OTHER PRODUCTS!!!!! Praise the Lord, Kathleen R. Dighton, MA

I am 113% Satisfied with you product. I spread the word to everyone. Keep up great work! Don S. Lewiston, NY

Thanks for the GOOD SERVICE with the Quick’N Kleen™. Happy and prosperous NEW YEAR! Bill Bader NORWALK, OH

Several years ago while working at Delphi in Flint,MI I went to the crib to get some degreaser. The attendant (knowing I was new to the area) asked me if I had every heard of Quick’N Kleen™. I told him, "NO". He then said, "Try this and let me know what you think." Within 10 minutes I was back to the crib saying, "Where did you get this stuff? It is beyond excellent!" He said, "they have a new supplier and the Boss wanted to know what the Millwrights and Pipe Fitters think of this product". The rest is history and wonderful!
I have been buying Quick’N Kleen™ ever since; I can't count how many pairs of jeans that your product has saved me, not to mention T-shirts. My wife uses it on the stove, counter tops. Also I get my hands CLEANER with Quick’N Kleen™ than those "citrus Puma cleaners" at Home Depot and Auto Parts stores. I can't say enough about this product! Everyone should try it. No one will be disappointed! Best degreaser on the market, and won't stain clothing. Holton D. Dearborn Hts, MI

I was recently introduced to Quick’N Kleen™ by a friend and fellow teacher. She said it was EXCELLENT. What an understatement! It worked great on the tables in the ART AREA cleaning GLUE ‚Äč(it magically disappeared), marks on cabinets and doors. It looks like a new room! Thanks! Works like a Charm! Jan C. Grand Blanc, MI

I have been using Quick’N Kleen™ for the past three years. I HAVE YET TO FIND ANYTHING THAT IT CANNOT CLEAN! I used it at work to clean computers that have remains of glue sticks, tags, stickers and permanent markers. At home, IT HAS REPLACED ALMOST ALL OF MY OTHER CLEANING PRODUCTS! Hand's down, it is the best cleaner and it's INEXPENSIVE TO BOOT. Thurston of Armor Computer Repair. Detroit, MI

Listen to this. Every time I show people how great Quick’N Kleen™ works, they TRY TO TALK ME OUT OF THE BOTTLE! for themselves. Thurston of Armor, Detroit, MI

I just wanted you to know I use your product for everything in my house. I recently used it on my grandson's shirt due to the fact he shook a permanent marker and it went all over his shirt. He said, "Just throw it away Grandma." But OH NO, I said we'll give it the Quick’N Kleen™ TEST and it worked! I have also sprayed it on ant hills and have not seen them in several weeks. So, I will continue to use it every couple weeks. THANKS for such a GREAT PRODUCT! I hope you will ALWAYS be there for all of us that love your product! Sandi C. Saginaw, MI